Today, tomorrow, eternity.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I know some days will be tougher than others and it’s expected so we just have to adjust and ride the ride.

Those of you who like to write and just let your thoughts flow would you agree it’s a nice way of expression and inner peace knowing your thoughts have been spoken and not left in the mind? I believe we all have amazing information to share and sometimes it’s hard to verbalized unless the topic is brought up. I tend to express myself better when I write because there’s not many distractions going on at once when I’m trying to get my thought out. Certain sounds and noises really mess my train of thinking up which isn’t fun cause then I lose track of what I was trying to say. So back to what I’d like to share today. I know everyone goes through things in life that sometimes is hard to understand why. I want to give you the why to help clear your wandering mind. God gives us these experiences and stories because as we walk this journey called life we run into people along the way and you either form a relationship or just have a really nice conversation that lasts a long time and goes in many directions. You either keep in touch often by getting together and doing something you both love or you may just check in every so often because as we know with life it takes us in many directions and routines sometimes gets messed up by trying to juggle it all. So it’s easy to lose touch when you really want to keep in touch. So if you have a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while I’m sure they would love to get a nice phone call just to say hello and see how things are going. I like to hear what good news is going on cause that will keep the conversation positive and happy. I know we talk about the not so great things to but we are suppose to talk to God about that because he gives us clarity and speaks to us on what to do. All we have to do is enjoy life and praise him in good and bad. Things always work out, am I right? Things seem bad, horrible and then all of a sudden it’s good again. Funny how that works but it’s life. So back to my point about our stories and experiences. We have them to share because our experiences and stories bless others that may be going through what you already did or went through and have healed from the pain. We just have to feel free and open to share things without feeling uncomfortable or scared of judgment. People judge yes but when your fellowshiping with someone don’t hold back, speak from your heart and know God is in control and what you share will be used for the betterment of someone else. It’s a good feeling to be able to bless others with just words. You can either hurt someone or bless someone. So when your speaking to someone and sharing it’s important to share with good intentions of them maybe taking something from the conversation and applying it to their life to help them. Help not hurt. Be apart of the solution in life and love on people even when your not feeling your best. It will get easier and you will grow to feel better and be confident in anything you do or say. So what are you doing today that’s going to change tomorrow and eternity? Help yourself by being apart of movements in life for the better. Life is so much more enjoyable when you do meaningful things for loved ones and even strangers. Love not hate.


Excited to write about this word.

via Daily Prompt: Organize

Todays prompt word is Organize. This word is so important in my life and I’d like to share why. I have become a master organizer in my house for quite some time now. When I’m home I’m usually just organizing and or trying to figure out better systems that work in the house. I realized just a few months ago that I spend entirely to much time doing this for myself and my son so I had the idea of creating my own business to help organize others. What a great idea this has been and such a blessing!! I just enjoy so much going to homes and helping organize wherever the need is. I’ve done closets, bathrooms, closets, dresser drawers, filing cabinets, kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, binders, garages, barns and much more. You name it and I’ve probably organized it. I find being organized in every area of your life not only helps you be efficient with your time so your not searching for things but it always gives you a peace of mind knowing where things are when you need them. It’s so important to keep up with being organized, it takes discipline to always put things back where they belong but let me tell you it helps me relax and keeps me happy knowing I can kind things quickly. So if you feel unorganized and just don’t know where to start just try to not get overwhelmed and start one area at a time and before you know it little by little things will be organized. when everything has a home then you will stop trying to find somewhere to put things. Find a home and stick with it and see how it works, if you decide you don’t like it there and it doesn’t work then find a new home. It takes a little while to be satisfied where you put things but in time it will be just how you want it and maybe even better. An organized mine is a happy mind as well. Let’s start with before you go to bed. Do you have an idea what the next day looks like? What I do is visualize how I see my day going and i throw in all the tasks I have planned and the times that I do. I play it out in my head like a movie and I make adjustments accordingly. If I feel I’ve overbooked myself I move tasks to the next day so my day isn’t to overwhelming because not only will you have tasks you want to do but also things will come up and there has to be time left for you to handle the unexpected things that occur in daily living. It is nice going with the flow some days as well so there are days where I plan nothing at all and I just let the day flow, it feels so natural that way!!! Being a mom, a homeowner and working so much it’s hard for me not to plan so it’s realistic to not have so many unplanned days for me. I’m sure that goes for the majority of you out there as well. So again a organized mind is a happy and on track mind. A organized home gives you time in other areas of your life like spending time with the family without feeling like you have to clean and get stuff done all the time. I’m still working up to that goal but I know one day soon my goal will come to light cause I’m working on it everyday. I look forward to the days I can sit in my home and look around and think “wow I love it here” it feels so homie, comfortable and inviting” right now I do love my home trust me however I have a lot of projects at once going on so it’s been a bit overwhelming but I’m enjoying the journey. So to conclude this message thanks for reading and hopefully this helped in some way or spoke to you some how. If you happen to need help getting started on some organizing let me know and I’d be happy to help. You can find me on Facebook errica jamil. Have a wonderful day!!


Parents I know how challenging it can be out there trying to parent our children. There’s a fine line between being their friend and being their parent. Let me help you with some tips that has helped me with my son who has turned out to be a great young teenager.

Proper parenting includes the following best practices. First, parents should avoid yelling at their children. Children are most likely to listen and understand if the parent remains calm while offering instruction and guidance. Second, parents should establish a routine in children’s daily activities. Children respond well to routines and have less behavioral problems. Third, reading to children every night before bed does not only encourage them to want to read but it also discourages them from avoiding bedtime. Lastly and most importantly, parents should always lead by example. Children are very observant and their behavior is strongly influenced by what they see their parents doing.

Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

I’ve thought about this question often throughout my time on earth and the answer remains the same. When I’m gone from here I want to be remembered as the girl who tried to make a difference in everyone’s life somehow, someway. This life is not easy to live in but we do it everyday and most of us do it with a smile no matter what is going on. We fight to survive and we long to be good at life but not always do we see the results we want right away, so we keep on pushing and fighting to meet our goals. Everyone in this life is someone special and we just need to figure out what makes us so special apart from others, I’m guided to recognize these gifts in people who don’t realize what they have until it’s pointed out, I can see what they cant and I can help them to believe how great they really are. I love to make a difference somehow in each and everyone’s life anytime I’m giving the opportunity. God places people around me and in my life for a reason and I try to figure out that reason and do what he called me to do for that time being. God has a special meaning in life for everyone and it’s our job to let him guide us and just trust him for he will not steer us in the wrong direction. We will have some bumps in the road but rest assure that he already knew that was going to happen and one day it will make sense, just take everything as a learning experience and learn from it, you are not alone, each and every single person has something going on that they did not share with you. Trust God and you will see how great life really is. So when it’s near the end of my life I really hope that I’ve made an impact on someone’s life because I strive to make someone laugh everyday or recognize good efforts, I’m learning that unspoken words are the worst, say what you feel and I promise you will live a truthful and happy life.